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Tuesday, Jun 27th

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Economic Forecasts - Invest Up Leading Indicators

The economic research team at Invest Up produces high quality economic projections using statistical methods to fill the gap between economic theories and observed data. We work diligently to provide financial professionals and investors with the economic tools needed to accurately forecast economic trends.

The Invest Up Leading Indicators ™ are developed based on artificial intelligence algorithms studying over a thousand economic, demographic, political, financial, and digital transaction variables. A reading above 0 indicates that the economy is expected to expand in the next six to nine months, while a reading below 0 indicates future contraction.

The comprehensive framework of our Leading Indicators is designed to predict the timing of future changes in the economies. They alert investors to the directional turns in GDP growth rates up to nine months before the official release, and well before the consensus, giving investors a significant advantage in increasing investment returns and lowering cyclical risks.