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Invest Up ™ produces in-depth analysis on nearly all major asset classes including stocks, currencies, bonds, commodities, and real estate. Our research covers financial markets in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia.

We focus on producing buy and sell ratings to help investors participate in the markets' primary uptrends while avoiding the primary downtrends. Our research is based on the interconnected relationships among economic and technical factors that drive valuations in the markets, with an emphasis on how to formulate investment strategies. From interest rates to inflation to economic growth and much more, the fundamental concepts presented on our website provide an essential foundation of knowledge for investors to profit in the stock, bond, commodity, foreign exchange, and real estate markets.

Our team comes from some of the most well-recognized investment banks, hedge funds, and wealth management firms in the world. The background of our investment team includes:

The Blackstone Group
UBS Investment Bank
DuPont Capital Management
Brevan Howard Asset Management
Diversified Portfolio Strategies
UBS Financial Services
Deloitte and Touche
GSO Capital Partners
Lepercq Lynx Investment Advisory
Macro Investing and Economic Research
Fixed-Income and Derivatives Management
Global Equity Research
Global Macro Trading
Global Asset Allocation
Wealth Management and Retirement Planning
Real Estate Derivatives Modeling
Real Estate and Mortgage Research
Fund Manager Analytics Development
Technical Lead


Capital Markets Research

Invest Up alerts investors to the peaks and troughs of the major asset classes and offers buy and sell ratings. We cover nearly all of the most actively traded financial markets from stocks, currencies, bonds to commodities.

We combine global fundamental research with robust statistical algorithms to generate strategies that can learn from the ever-changing market environment. The analysis primarily focuses on the relationships between asset prices and the underlying economic and technical drivers. It provides investors with the tools to determine the various economic cycle stages together with the type of performance to be expected from each asset class during specific stages of the cycle.

The website aims at placing users ahead of the Wall Street in assessing shifts in economic and market dynamics so as to make profitable investing decisions accordingly. We have a very strong record over the years in identifying bull and bear markets. Our high performing investment ratings have helped traders, investors, and financial advisors reduce the volatility of their portfolios and increase returns.


Economic Research

The economic research team at Invest Up produces high quality economic projections using statistical methods to fill the gap between economic theories and observed data. We work diligently to provide financial professionals and investors with the economic tools needed to accurately forecast economic trends.

The team utilizes mathematical models to study the relationships among over a thousand economic variables, identifies the most important economic and policy drivers, tests hypotheses derived from economic theories, performs scenario simulations, and develops the highly sophisticated Leading Indicator series.

The comprehensive framework of our Leading Indicators is designed to predict the timing of future changes in the key aspects of the economy. The indicators alert investors to the directional turns before the fact, and well before the consensus. With these tools, we deliver clear cyclical projections to help investors increase returns, manage risks, and outperform their peers.


Real Estate Research

Invest Up brings to the users one of the best guides on the US residential housing market. We help consumers determine when to buy and when to sell their houses. Our in-depth research covers all 50 states, DC, 50 major metropolitan areas in the US.

Our real estate research team regards the law of supply and demand as the foundation in our approaches to the analysis of housing market trends. We analyze the relationship between the evolution of housing prices and macroeconomic drivers, a relationship that we verify and use to develop real estate market views. It is a method of study that allows us to predict price actions and market trends by evaluating housing demand, construction and inventory levels, regional economics, mortgage rates, lending standards, monetary and fiscal policies, and demographic factors.

The Invest Up Housing Price Indicators are designed to be the most timely housing price gauge available in the market. Our propriety methodology removes the delays (typically by a quarter) associated with housing series from other sources. This allows our indicators to lead the housing indices from other sources by more than three months and the government indices by five months, giving our users a significant advantage in obtaining timely price information to enter and exit the real estate market ahead of other investors.

The Invest Up Housing Price Indicators for the 50 states, DC, and the major metropolitan areas are available for download for clients of our institutional services.